Welcome to Ridgway Coaching and Consulting!

Ridgway coaching is dedicated to the philosophy that all individuals are creative, resourceful, whole and wish to live a fulfilled and balanced life.  Coaching supports individuals ages twelve (12) through adult in the following areas:

  • Supporting individuals, parents, educators, and significant others in understanding diagnosis (including interpretation of test results), and implications for education, general wellbeing, career planning, and success in the workplace.
  • Turning dreams into realistic goals
  • Planning strategically to meet goals
  • Gaining a sense of direction and control in life
  • Recognizing and managing obstacles including academic, social, and attention issues
  • Exploring and discovering a deeper understanding of self
  • Taking action to experience the joy of maximizing potential to realize success
  • Helping individuals who have ADD/ADHD/LD understand the diagnosis and separate it from who they are
  • Providing external support and encouragement for those who have difficulty with executive function issues