About Ridgway Coaching

After 27 years of working with students in a school setting, Selma Ridgway left her job as Director of the Transition Program at Woodward Academy to work fulltime in the coaching industry. Ms. Ridgway began her career as a teacher but made the transition to coach after recognizing the growing need for individual help for so many students in today’s educational arena.

During her career, Ms. Ridgway has worked with many students diagnosed with ADD/ADHD/LD to help them understand themselves by discovering their unique strengths and gifts. Today she continues to champion children of all ages by providing life coaching services designed to help empower our country’s greatest assets. Her personal mission is to help children discover their individual strengths, accept and manage weaknesses, and move forward to enjoy a fulfilled life.

Ms. Ridgway holds a Master’s of Arts Degree in Educational Counseling and a Master’s of Mathematics Education Degree. She is a Certified School Counselor, and a Certified Professional Co-active Coach. She is also a member of the ADHD Coaches Organization, the Georgia Coaches Association, International Coach Federation, and Edge Foundation Coach.

Ridgway Life Coaching Services
Ridgway coaching provides the following life coaching services. Each service is tailored to fit the individual needs of the client.
Individual Coaching - Homework Coaching

For more information on Ridgway services, or to request an individual coach, please contact us at 404-909-4335, or by email at info@ridgwaycoaching.com. If you would like to request a homework coach, click here. If you are interested in becoming a homework coach, click here.