A Mind at a Time, The Myth of Laziness, Ready or not Here Life Comes, Mel Levine, M.D.

Attention Deficit Disorder, The Unfocused Mind in Children and Adults, Thomas E. Brown

Beyond Ritalin: Is your Child Hyperactive?  Stephen Garber, Ph.D.

Coaching College Students with AD/HD, Patricia O. Quinn, M.D., Nancy A. Ratey, Ed.M., MCC, and Theresa L. Maitland, Ph.D.

Driven to Distraction, Edward M. Hallowell, M.D., John J. Ratey, M.D.   

Learning Disabilities and Challenging Behaviors: A Guide to Intervention and Classroom Management, Sam Goldstein, Ph.D., and Nancy Mather

Overcoming Dyslexia, Sally Shaywitz, M.D.

Spark, The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, John J. Ratey, M.D.   

Taking Charge of ADHD: The Complete Authoritative Guide for Parents, Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D.

Teaching the Tiger, Marilyn Dornbush, Ph.D., and Sheryl Pruitt, M.Ed.

The disorganized mind, Nancy A. Ratey, Ed.M., M.C.C., S.C.A.C.

The Gift of Dyslexia, Ronald Davis and Eldon M. Braun

The Power of Resilience: Achieving Balance, Confidence, and Personal Strength in Your Life, Rob Brooks, Ph.D., and Sam Goldstein, Ph.D.

Dyslexia Resource Trust

Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA)

Children and Adults with ADD (CHADD)

National Center for Learning Disorders (NCLD)

International Dyslexic Association (IDA)

Behavior Institute of Atlanta

Parkaire Consultants

All Kinds of Minds

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